Corporate Governance

Roxas Holdings, Inc. ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in its dealings with all stakeholders.

Data Privacy




The Company recognizes the importance of the privacy of every indvidual it associates with. Thus, to strengthen this campaign, the Policy on Data Privacy was adopted to make sure that all employees who handle matters involving personal information of individuals are aware of their roles in safeguarding this information. Personal information of individuals must be held in confidence by all employees and disclosure should only be done with the individual's written consent or when requested by a Court or law enforcement agency.

In accordance with the requirement of the National Privacy Commission, the Company has appointed a Data Protection Officer and a Compliance Office for Privacy to oversee the compliance of the Company to relevant privacy laws and issuances. The Company has also established protocols in the Policy to ensure that all employees are properly informed about the measures to be taken if a data breach occurs and how it will be promptly addressed. Updates and frequent review of privacy controls are being done to protect the Personal Information in the Company's safekeeping.