Corporate Governance

Roxas Holdings, Inc. ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in its dealings with all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Principles

Disclosure of Information

All material information about the Company which could adversely affect its viability or the interests of its stockholders and other stakeholders shall be publicly and timely disclosed. Such information shall include among others, earnings results, acquisition or disposition of assets, off balance sheet transactions, related party transactions and direct and indirect remuneration of members of the Board and Management. The Board shall therefore commit at all times to full disclosure of material information dealings. It shall cause the filing of all required information through the appropriate Exchange mechanisms for listed companies and submissions to the Commission for the interest of its stockholders and other stakeholders.

(Source: Article 9, Revised Manual on Corporate Governance (2014.07.02))

Responsible Person for Disclosure of Information

The reports or disclosures required under this Manual shall be prepared and submitted to the Commission by the responsible Committee or Officer through the Company’s Compliance Officer.

(Source: Article 9, Revised Manual on Corporate Governance (2014.07.02))

Auditor and Financial Statements

The Board, after consultations with the Audit & Risk Committee, shall recommend to the stockholders an external auditor duly accredited by the Commission who shall undertake an independent audit of the corporation and shall provide an objective assurance on the manner by which the financial statements shall be prepared and presented to the stockholders.

(Source: Article 5, Revised Manual on Corporate Governance (2014.07.02))