Corporate Governance

Roxas Holdings, Inc. ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in its dealings with all stakeholders.

Business Conduct Policy



The highest standard of individual conduct is expected at all times from each employee of Roxas Holdings, Inc. not only in matters of financial integrity but also in every aspect of business relationships.

Business should be conducted on the bases of fair dealing, consideration for the rights and feelings of others and the most stringent principles of good corporate citizenship.

Each employee is charged with the responsibility of acquiring sufficient knowledge of the laws relating to his or her particular duties in order to recognize potential dangers and to know when to seek legal advice. Unlawful conduct will not be condoned under any circumstances. Employees should consult with the in-house counsel if they have questions regarding compliance with certain laws, rules or regulations.

Employees are expected to comply with this Business Conduct Policy and all other policies and rules and regulations of the company. Any employee who knowingly violates this policy or knowingly allows a subordinate to do so shall be subject to disciplinary action, including demotion or termination.

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