Corporate Governance

Roxas Holdings, Inc. ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in its dealings with all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Principles

Penalties for Non-compliance with the Manual

To strictly observe and implement the provisions of this Manual, the following penalties shall be imposed, after notice and hearing, on the Company’s  directors, officers, staff, subsidiaries and affiliates and their respective directors, officers and staff in case of violation of any of the provision of this Manual:

In case of first violation, the subject person shall be reprimanded.

Suspension from office shall be imposed in case of a second violation.  The duration of the suspension shall depend on the gravity of the violation.

For a third violation, the maximum penalty of removal from office shall be imposed.

The commission of a third violation of this Manual by any member of the Board of the Company or its subsidiaries and affiliates shall be a sufficient cause for removal from directorship, subject to the provisions of the Corporation Code.

The Compliance Officer shall be responsible for determining violation/s through notice and hearing and shall recommend to the Chairman of the Board the imposable penalty for such violation for further review and approval by the Board.

(Source: Article 11, Revised Manual on Corporate Governance (2014.07.02))