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May 30, 2013

Roxas Holdings' Amarra sees bright prospects for export of RP sugar

Philippine sugar may soon find its way into India and the Middle East as the government and local traders explore new markets for the commodity. However, this may not come in the form of raw or refined sugar but in the form of pre-mix products like 3-in-1 coffee or powdered juice drinks.
Speaking last Tuesday at the 4th Kingsman Asia Pacific Sugar Conference in Singapore, Roxas Holdings’ Archimedes B. Amarra, the sugar group’s Executive Vice President for Marketing/ Trading, Corporate Planning and Corporate Communications, said there is a bright spot for Philippine sugar in the export market even with the challenges facing the industry.
“The government and local traders are actively exploring new markets, such as India and the Middle East, especially with significant industry changes expected in the next two years,” 
Mr. Amarra told producers, traders and sugar executives from the Asia Pacific.
He explained that the reduction in tariffs for sugar under the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) from 38% in 2010 to 5% in 2015 is expected to significantly impact Philippine sugar production and trade, particularly the influx of sugar to the country, as other ASEAN producers enjoy lower production costs.
However, Mr. Amarra said the Department of Agriculture continues to make the strengthening of the Philippine sugar industry a priority through the Sugar Industry Roadmap.
“The roadmap promotes block farming or the operational consolidation of small farms to take advantage of plantation-scale production; increase in ethanol production backed up by the law that mandates the use of biofuels in the country; sale of excess power from sugar mill power generation; and the production of other sugarcane by-products and co-products,” 
Mr. Amarra said.

Roxas Holdings, Inc. (RHI), a bio-sugar and bio-energy company, is the largest integrated sugar business in the Philippines. It manages sugar miller/refiner Central Azucarera Don Pedro, Inc. in Nasugbu, Batangas; San Carlos Bioenergy, Inc. in San Carlos, Negros Occidental; and RHI Agri-business Development Corporation.

RHI is listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSEi: ROX). Further information can be obtained by visiting the web at